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Fire Fighting Pumps

Given that bush fires are a serious problem in Australia, fire fighting pumps are a must for many homes, businesses and industrial premises. We provide a range of high-performing fire pumps that are specifically designed and manufactured to operate in even the toughest conditions, including extreme heat and intense humidity.

Quality and reliability

When it comes to coping with an emergency, immediate access to reliable equipment is crucial. If there’s simply no time to call the manufacturer for assistance, malfunction and breakdown can have terrible consequences – for both people and property.

That’s why, here at 4 Pumps, we stock only high-quality fire fighting equipment. They’re built from exceptional materials that are designed to perform under excessive pressure and heat, which means top-level functioning and peace-of-mind for our customers.

Volumes of water – when it’s needed most

Pumps designed to help with fire fighting differ from regular pumps in their capacity to deliver massive volumes of water on demand. Both structural fires and bush fires can develop suddenly and spread rapidly, especially during Australia’s scorching summers, when the climate is hot and dry. An effective response is a quick and powerful one. That’s exactly what our pumps offer – enormous, far-reaching bursts of water that are effective against even large-scale fires.

Portability and reach-ability

Skilful fire fighting calls for flexibility and quick thinking. Unpredictable weather conditions can turn minor situations into major catastrophes without warning. What’s more, Australian landscapes are not always easy to navigate. It’s essential, therefore, that fire pumps in Australia enable access to hard-to-reach places without endangering the user. Our range includes portable products, which are straightforward-to-operate, simultaneously offering power and extensive range.

A long-term investment

The high-quality materials and intelligent design behind many of our household pumps suitable for fire fighting mean that they’re built to last. We believe that people and property should be assured of maximum protection for as long as possible. So our pumps offer a range of important features, including corrosion resistance and premium quality engine construction, meaning that a purchase with us can be considered a long-term investment. On top of that, we offer a seven-day replacement guarantee on our entire range of products.

Any questions?

Would you like to know more about a particular pump designed for fire applications? Our expert staff members are on hand to provide advice, answer your questions and calculate quotes. Also get in touch with us if you are wondering which of our irrigation pumps would best suit your needs? Please don’t hesitate to call or compete our online contact form.