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  • Onga Pantera PPP1100 Pool Pump (under 48,000 L)

Onga Pantera PPP1100 Pool Pump 400L/Min, 19m Lift (48,000L)

14.00 KGS


Other Details

1.4Hp, 1100W
50mm, 2"
Max Flow:
400 L/Min
Max Head (Pressure):
19m (187 Kpa)
610 x 190 x 305 mm
Ideal For:
Clean / rainwater


Product Description

There are a lot of people that would absolutely love to have an in-ground or even an above ground swimming pool. One of the major reasons that stops them from going ahead with adding this water entertainment to their home is what they consider to be the hassles of maintaining a pool. If this sounds like you then keep in mind that if you purchase a pump like the Onga Pantera PPP1100 Pool Pump you can forget about the majority of potential hassles that come with a swimming pool like draining it every year.


How Important is the Pool Pump?

For anyone that has owned a swimming pool they will be the first to tell you that the pool pump is the most important piece of equipment that the swimming pool utilises. Your swimming pool will also have a filtration system and there will be a need to use different types of chemicals. The pump assists both of these in their performance.


When looking at the potential hassles that many feel comes with pool ownership it is because the pump that is being used is not able to perform as it is meant to either because it is of poor quality, or is of the wrong size.


The Onga Pantera PPP1100 Pool Pump Solution

All of these potential pool problems can mostly be solved with this pump when it is used for a pool that has a water capacity of under 48,000L. It has the capability of moving 400L/M and provides a 19m lift. This means that water is being properly circulated as the pump goes through its operation. The filtration system is able to remove the debris in the pump, and the chemicals are being disbursed and circulated properly so they can do their job. The end result of all of this is a swimming pool that has clear pristine water so all of its users can enjoy all of the benefits that a well kept swimming pool has to offer.


One of the most common problems that can go wrong with a swimming pool is the water becoming unfit to swim in. One of the major causes of this is the water is not being circulated. Over a short period of time it then becomes stagnant.


 The Onga Pantera PPP1100 Pool Pump is designed with leading technology and the very best in components. What this means is there is no time being wasted by the pool owner in regards to having to constantly repair or maintain the pump. It has several built in safety features that add to its durability and longevity. It is super easy to install which means once purchased and brought to the pool location it takes very little time to install it.


The motor shaft of this pool pump is comprised of the very best stainless steel allowing it to be unhindered by the harshest of environments. For easy and smooth operation it is a single phase 240v pool pump. Removing debris such as hair and lint is an easy process with the quality see through lid lint pot that this quality water pump has. Hooking up the pump to your power source is convenient with the 2m power cable that the pump has.


No matter whether this is your first time purchasing a pool pump or whether you have purchased one in the past, you are surely going to be impressed with the quality and operation of this Onga pool pump while enjoying the great affordability of it. Plus, you will be getting a nationwide guarantee with your purchase of it.



Customer Reviews

"Dear 4 Pumps,

I purchased a pump off you mid Feb. Just wanted you to know best value for dollar ever. The little pump is working very hard in a factory pumping liquid with about 20% solids and hasn't missed a beat. Great pumps, thanks."

Stephen - Tasmania

"I have already recommended to you to two other locals up here with wells similar to mine about your pump and how well it was working."

Jim - Girraween

"I picked it up and its going exceptionally well, very good pump."

Evan - Ilbilbie