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Well Pumps

Whether you're looking for a deep well pump that can lift up to 42 metres or a shallow well pump for a backyard application, we're bound to have something for you. Our water well pumps can take care of all kinds of domestic and commercial needs, from drinking water and dishwashers, to irrigation systems and watering the garden. What they all have in common is their reliability and exceptionally high quality.

Our range

We have a huge range of clients, from those seeking well pumps for their homes, to those responsible for extensive industrial premises. In order to cater to their many different needs, we stock the whole spectrum of equipment. Both automatic and manual water well pumps are available, and many are fitted with a pressure switch, allowing conversion from manual to automatic operation within seconds.

At one end, there's the high-pressure water submersible well pump, which is made to service a one-storey dwelling (or equivalent), and provides 1/2Hp and 400W of output. It can handle pressure at up to 20m (197 Kpa) and flow of up to 100 Litres per minute. At the more powerful end, we have the JKCH-40E high-pressure submersible well pump, which is suitable for a two- or three-storey dwelling and offers 1.1Hp and 800W of output. It can take pressure at up to 40m (393 Kpa).

Quality and reliability

We know, better than anyone, than when it comes to deep well pumps, reliability is incredibly important. Many of our customers depend on their pumps for the water supply, and the last thing we want them to do is suffer the inconvenience of breakdowns and faults.

So we're proud to say that we sell only premium quality equipment. In fact, we are trusted suppliers for some of the world's most famous water products brands, including Davey and Onga. We love selling their gear, because we know it's been tried and tested for years and years in some of the toughest, harshest conditions in the world. When it comes to sourcing durable, resilient materials and developing cutting-edge design and construction techniques, they don't hold back.

Any questions?

Do you need to know more about our water well pumps or bore pumps or any of our other products? Would you like some free, no-strings-attached advice? Why not give us a call today? Our smart, enthusiastic team are on standby, ready to help you out.