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When it comes to getting your original pump systems installation just right, or if you just need to grab a hose for the garden tap, shower and sprinklers, you really can't afford to let the little details slide. Like anything in life, it's the weakest link in the chain that so often breaks, so don't cut corners and forget that the humble hose can be the difference between smooth sailing and a very bad day.

So why is a hose so important?

So even today, we've learned from history that the humble hose is just a pipe to get something from A to B, right? That's partly right - but it's only half the answer. In short, a hose can actually be one of the most important tools in your entire application, and not just for safety and security. We all know that it's just a hollow and flexible cylindrical tube good for carrying drinking water, oil lines, air, exhaust, fuel, gas and other resources, fluids and even dry substances from here to there. But before you start adding a great, innovative, cutting edge product to your 4 Pumps cart, bear this in mind: not all hoses are created equal.

When it comes to a good hose, and especially one that is designed for a specific purpose and across a range of different industries - from irrigation, corporate company, transport, construction, water transfer, filtration and beyond - it's not just about function but also performance and quality. And you may be surprised how much attention goes into the design and manufacturing process of that hose, ensuring it provides all the solutions to the problems you may throw at it!

Weigh up all those hose considerations

Depending on what the hose is for, engineers have factored in not only the size but also the light weight, the full fluid or chemical it's designed to carry, the pressure of that fluid ranging from low to high, the attachment points and the fixings, and so much more including accessories, classic parts, supplies, spring, reels, blades, board, rail, drilling, saws and the odd washer. So you can see that the hose you select, from a short attachment to a 30m monster capable of handling a whopping PSI, is not just a hose!

At 4 Pumps - Australia's ultimate stockists, suppliers and online shop not only in the pumps, stormwater pits & tanks divisions but every other tool in the wide and related world - we know all too well that not all perfect interior and external hoses are created equal! So before browsing for that brand new hose or one or two accessories or spares, make life easier by taking some time to learn all about the wonderful world of hoses and end your search today!

Not every hose is created equal!

There is the material it is made from - whether nylon, natural or synthetic materials, or a combination of materials that give the hose a specialist operating grade, brilliant performance and a long life even if that life will be tough! There is also the working environment and conditions, the specific purpose the hose is meant for, from pumps to heaters and beyond, the all-important Australian standards and ratings, and so much more.

You may need to connect that hose for a specialist purpose, like the final, strong and crucial link in the chain of a submersible floor pump installation, or another DIY project or hobby kits that matter to you. And you can definitely get that unique and exclusive service right here at 4 Pumps Pty Limited, so save yourself a drive and do it on your terms by grabbing your mobile and giving us a call today.

A hose is a crucial working part

It might seem obvious, but a hose is crucial to that submersible pump installation, so you need to step your equipment up a level. It's the humble hose that pumps water to the higher area of the pump, often in multiple different ways. For pumping that water somewhere else, once again - you'll need a good and proper hose, and if necessary a swivel joint to do it right. But perhaps you don't need a standard, solid cylindrical hose shape but a layflat hose with cam locks? It can all seem daunting, but that's why we've put together this hose guide with all the info to help you on your way.

Whatever the case, your pump will definitely need a hose to make it work, especially for getting that water from the pump that then returns to its destination. You'll need to securely add a hose with the right connection, and there are different hoses for different pumps - and you need to get it right. Make sure you open the right door by following step-by-step with this guide at 4 Pumps.

Consider grabbing a new hose at 4 Pumps

Perhaps you already have a hose for your brand new submersible pump, but at 4 Pumps we always recommend that a new hose be bought with a new water pump, just so everything is sparkling new and you don't run into unnecessary problems down the road - whether you're just gardening or you're buying something that will handle a much more complex job. There are so many options. But there's nothing worse than having everything ready to go before a breakage occurs, causing you to need to hire equipment at the last moment before an important day. So to be sure, head into 4 Pumps or ask the experienced team who have spent their entire careers in the industry to guide you to exactly the right hose selection.

You can tick that hose selection box and all the others at 4 Pumps, supported by the excellent, experienced and friendly support team who will help make sure you get what you need at the right price without ever needing to seek a repair job. Because even if you are presented with an excellent catalogue or a superior range of hoses, or you're shopping for an appropriate gift, it can often be the expert help and testimonials that guides you in the right direction that is the most helpful and means you don't even need to read the manual!

Maybe your pump installation or filters need a simpler rubber hose with a particular diameter - perhaps the more standard 12mm - a shield casing and 171 or 108 claw fittings or connectors, but still designed by an absolute leader in rubber and plastics technology like Contitech Pty Ltd or Pope? Again, 4 Pumps will sort you out.

Make that correct hose choice once, correctly, and right here at 4 Pumps!

On the other hand, you may actually be browsing 4 Pumps' range of high quality and brilliantly-priced hoses for something a little more simple altogether - the garden hose run off your strong pressure pump that you intend to present proudly on your favourite hose hangers!

This could be because only the best will do for your garden taps, your plants and flowers worthy of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or YouTube, and your general maintenance and a helping hand for those jobs around the home. And that's not to mention your favourite hose wand or gun, your sprinkler timer with the right power or all of your other garden hose requirements. But you sure don't want to pay the earth even though you want great brands like Continental, so in that case, Australia's favourite pumps destination was absolutely the right destination.

A garden hose is not just a garden hose!

But surely a garden hose is just a garden hose, right? Again, you'd be a little mistaken. No matter what you intend to use that hose for, you need to make sure it offers to do the job right - and not just on day one, but long into its hard-working life and in every sort of condition you want to throw at it.

Rest assured, 4 Pumps has the hose you need. But how do you make sure you're grabbing the hose that will perfectly match your specific requirements, installation and needs? Firstly, you could ask the dedicated and highly experienced team at 4 Pumps, where an accumulated dozens of years of specific industry experience is at your disposal.

4 Pumps has the right hose for you

Another easy choice is to just keep reading! Because no matter what you're using that pump hose or garden hose for - whether it's the crucial final piece of your water pump installation puzzle, for watering the garden, plants and branches, for heating and cooling and air conditioning, or for letting your kids have a spray on a hot summer's day - 4 Pumps has something for you. So what's the best hose for you? We're glad you asked!

Why? Because there is a lot to get through. There's the area that the hose will need to cover, for example for watering. Maybe that hose is not just for watering, but something else. And what about where you'll store that hose? How much you have to spend? What brands are the best? Luckily, the team at 4 Pumps is standing by to guide you in the right direction, no matter your budget or needs.

Get the right length, width and kind of hose

The correct hose length sounds like an obvious consideration, but it really is important to get right. Tempted to grab a longer hose than you need, just in case? It's a common thought, but probably not a good idea. Once you're pushing above 30m, you start to compromise pressure, drainage starts to become an issue, and they're cumbersome and hard to store. 

And if you do actually need a very long hose, consider getting a reel or bag to go with it in order to simplify the storage and relocation difficulties. Because if you intend that hose to be portable and it turns out that it's cumbersome and overly heavy, you may have a great hose but something you can't use!

After length, the hose diameter is absolutely crucial. When we're talking about a 12mm hose, for instance, it's the inside of the hose that is being measured - so don't get caught out. And once again, you'll need the diameter that really works for your needs and particular installation, because getting it wrong could really mess things up. 

Ask the 4 Pumps team for specialist hose help!

As a guide, 12mm is the ideal garden hose width because it's the perfect combination of weight, flow control and pressure. But you may need a different diameter, perhaps because of your installation's water pressure, or for a particular domestic, commercial, plumbing or industrial need. Whatever the case, head into 4 Pumps' range or ask the experienced team for help.

But no matter what you need that hose for, from garden to pump to marine applications and more, there's absolutely no doubt you need a quality product that is the result of some serious research and development, superb manufacturing and brilliant attention to detail. That's because a hose is supposed to be a flexible element to your installation, but you can't have it degrading, kinking or showing cuts.

A hose for harsh Aussie conditions

All too often, an inferior hose feels great out of the box, but is prone to kinking. Indeed, one of the secrets to a truly high quality hose is that it is soft and flexible, but it won't kink. The harsh operating conditions in NSW, the Northern Territory, or any other street location or postcode in Australia also won't affect that flexibility, degrade or crack the hose or simply contribute to it not standing the test of time - so long as you buy one of the great quality products available throughout the wall to wall 4 Pumps hose range.

So what are the obvious signs of a high-quality hose? We're talking about the ability to withstand high pressures if necessary, to be flexible without degrading over time, to come with reassuring manufacturer warranties, to be able to work in operating temperatures from very cold to very hot, and much more.

4 Pumps' comprehensive guide to hoses

So as we start to sum up our comprehensive guide to the humble hose, including the brilliant and value-for-money products you can find right here at 4 Pumps, what have we learned so far?

Firstly, it's that a hose can sometimes make the difference between a frustrating day at home or work or on that DIY project, and smooth sailing with a reliable yet affordable product. Whether it's a hose that's going to be a hard-working link in that pump installation, or it's a garden hose that's going to thrill the kids on a hot summer day, you only want a product that is fit for purpose.

Pick your hose right, first time out

The hose in your hot little hand needs to be strong, it needs to be suited to the job you're asking it to do, it needs to have all the right features, fittings, connections and accessories, and it needs to not burn a painful hole in your hip pocket. Luckily, 4 Pumps is here to make all of this easy, so head into the hose selection today.