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Here at 4 Pumps, we know exactly how much you love your pool. And a loved pool is a clean pool, kept crystal clear and pristine thanks to the best pool pumps and pool cleaners. That's why we stock Zodiac's range of pool products, including the best pool pumps and the famous Baracuda range of pool cleaners.

Why Zodiac? Because when you're in the market for a pool pump or a pool cleaner, you want something that is simple and affordable yet state of the art, high quality and reliable. A pool pump and a pool cleaner should be regarded as a one-off investment, and that's why we stock, recommend and supply them here at 4 Pumps - because you, the pool lover, really matter to us.

Zodiac on top for pool pumps & cleaners

Zodiac is nothing short of the industry leader in the design and manufacture of pool pumps. Zodiac's pump products are suitable for everything from the smallest to the biggest of backyard pools and beyond, and the experienced and friendly team here at 4 Pumps is ready to help you to make the right choice for your needs and budget.

We know you have that swimming pool to enhance your life, or perhaps even to enrich your business. No matter which is true, you want that pool to be superbly and efficiently clean, and that's exactly the mission of the designers and manufacturers at Zodiac, who only make the most innovative, easy to use and around-the-calendar reliable pool products including pool pumps and pool cleaners.

Zodiac for enjoyment & safety

Every Zodiac pool cleaner and pool pump has been designed with the enjoyment, comfort and safety of the swimmer in mind - not to mention the peace of mind and hip pocket of the pool owner and operator! Don't forget that pool pumps are the absolute heart of every clean pool - and Zodiac's can truly be relied upon.

Meanwhile, a Zodiac pool cleaner is the easy and affordable way to ensure your pool and your swimmers are happy and looked after. The Zodiac range, proudly presented here at 4 Pumps, is quite simply the most extensive you'll find anywhere in Australia. We also have pumps to drain your pool. For only the best suction, pressure or robotic pool cleaners anywhere, you can stop at the Zodiac range.

Zodiac's robotic pool cleaners work separately to the pool pump for the easiest, most efficiently clean pool. The suction cleaners by Zodiac are the ultimate DIY pool cleaning product, while pressure cleaners are perfect for pools that get littered with heavy debris. So for everything your crystal clear pool could possibly need, make your last stop the extensive range right here at 4 Pumps.