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Pressure Pumps

A huge range of water pressure pumps

A great range of water pressure pumps for sale should include the best brands with the best reputation, products you can buy that are true value for money, and all delivered by a service that cares about giving the best protection, control and advice to customers. So welcome to 4 Pumps and our huge range of quality high water pressure pumps for Australia!

Three decades of industry experience

We've been in the business of offering water pressure pumps for sale for almost three decades, because we care about the quality of our range just as much today as we did way back then. Over those 27 years, we have been dedicated to getting all of our products - like house pressure pumps and systems for rain water tanks, products for your pool, pressure pumps for water tanks, stainless steel series constant pressure pumps and a range or list of centrifugal pumps for domestic and garden use - available for you to buy in Australia with great service and prices.

Our wealth of experience

Over the years that we have been delivering products and systems all around Australia - including constant pressure and rain water pumps in Adelaide, constant pressure pumps in Perth, and beyond - we have accumulated a wealth of experience about delivering to our diverse range of customers an equally diverse range of pressure pump products. 

Needs are not 'one size fits all'

That's because we know a customer and their needs for their pumping system never match a 'one size fits all' profile, but what we can guarantee is that we have put a lot of time and effort into understanding what you need from our range, including house pressure pumps for your rain water and tanks as well as tried and tested brands like Davey.

We have domestic and garden pressure pumps for you

So we've reached the stage where we can confidently say that we have the high pressure pump and system that you need. Whatever you need it for, like a rain water tank, or your pool or pond, the experts at 4 Pumps have the superior range of products so that you can quickly and effectively complete your domestic, garden or commercial project - whether big or small - on time and on budget.

How does a high pressure pump work?

Almost every single constant pressure pump in the range operates with the same basic system, when it comes to fulfilling your needs around the home, garden, pool, for your tank or in your important business and industrial setting. The basic design of most constant pressure pumps is to increase water pump pressure and produce a jet, and they work mainly according to the same mechanism.

Pressure pumps create a 'flow effect'

Firstly, there is a plunger or piston located inside a cylinder, and this applies force on the water, fluid or liquid that is entering the system, producing a jet. In turn a flow or jet effect is caused, with the sheer amount and speed of the water or jet that can be reliably moved reliant on the pressure capacity of the particular pump.

A precious pump - just like your heart!

A pressure water pump can almost be thought of as a human heart - and in many of your jobs around your precious home, garden, pool and organisation, we understand that your pump is almost as important! That's why high pressure pumps in a superior range need to be built for a lifetime, with prices that need to be affordable but solutions that still develop sufficient pressure and flows.

Push that water with the right pump

How a high pressure water pump works is actually the reverse of car engine - where the internal combustion engine uses piston movement to turn a crankshaft. The pump, on the other hand, uses this crankshaft movement to drive the pistons, which is what brings the water in and then pushes it back out. In this way, some people think pumps are all about pressure - but it's actually all about water flow. Flow is therefore measured as a volume of water over a certain time.

4 Pumps really knows high-pressure pumps

As you can tell, at 4 Pumps - we really know high pressure water pumps. And because we know that the needs of every customer is different, you need to get exactly the right pump for the job you want it to do. Even for applications like running your pool cleaner.

We can offer you the right advice

A pump with a high pressure application differs from a normal water pump in a fundamental way - and that is the power of the flow of water that is produced. But there are so many factors to take into consideration, and that's why at 4 Pumps we are ready to match our superior range of products to our keen willingness to offer you the very best advice, based on our years of experience.

Ensure your pump is up to the task

If you don't get the right advice, the bad news is the pump you buy may not be up to the task. Or it could be the other way around - you buy a pump with too high a power and flow capacity, and either waste unnecessary money or spoil your project by getting the precise technical requirements wrong - because too much force and pressure can mean damage, lost time, and an even bigger bill.

Water pump selection is a fine science

That's right: the business of high pressure pumps is actually almost a fine science. Each installation needs to have just the right features, so that the pump you select for the job achieves maximum efficiency as well as economy. At 4 Pumps, we know exactly how you can make the right choice, without blowing your project or blowing the bank.

Needs as diverse as our pumps

No matter what sort of pressure pump you need, our diverse range will have what is perfect for you. At 4 Pumps, we understand that the variety of needs is even more diverse than even the most superior pressure pump range, so it's important to get that choice right. That is also why a supplier with the level of expertise and experience as 4 Pumps is more important than ever.

Automatic water pumps

Within our range of quality pressure pumps are automatic water pumps, which work above ground. What is most important about automatic water pumps is that they are extremely efficient, whether used for household, pool or irrigation water supply. Within this range, the pumps are extremely quiet which is what you need in household pressure pumps online, the materials are sturdy and resistant to wear and corrosion, and they come with a range of features.

Submersible pumps

4 Pumps also has a huge range of submersible pumps, for those applications that are beneath the earth's surface. They consist of a pump body with a motor that is hermetically sealed, which allows the pump to be completely and yet safely submerged without compromising the motor in any way. There are many applications for submersible pumps, including groundwater pumping but also common household applications such as draining water and in irrigation.

Rather than sucking water and liquid upwards, submersible pumps work by pushing the liquid upwards. This pushing action is achieved by converting rotary energy into kinetic energy and finally into pressure energy, with water flowing through a diffuser.

We have a range that works for you

Whether it's an above-ground automatic water pump that you need, or a fully submersible pump for those below-ground pumping jobs, at 4 Pumps we have each type of pump across our range that will work for you - no matter your needs. That's because both types of water pressure pump are available in a wide range of power capacities.

Home, commercial or industrial

What this means for you is that whatever home, commercial or industrial application you have in mind for your new pressure pump, 4 Pumps has something for you. Our range is filled with the best quality and best value pressure pumps - whether it's household multistage pumps you need, or something for the business, factory or beyond.

4 Pumps has the right advice for you

And if you're unsure of what you really need to get your job done efficiently without smashing your hip pocket, we have the right advice that can point you at exactly the product you need. So don't hesitate to either browse our range and select what is right for you. 

Get in touch for great, fast advice

Or if you've browsed our superior range and can't find what you think you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch! You can do this either by calling 1300 101 277, or heading to our online enquiry form for a fast reply.

At 4 Pumps, our priority is you

Every company has its priorities, and at 4 Pumps, our priority is you. That means we are committed to providing the right products with the right advice to you - ensuring you get true value for money along with that top quality.

Only the highest quality equipment

When you buy a pressure pump from 4 Pumps, you can rest assured that what you are getting is only the highest quality equipment that is on the market. The brands, like industry leader Davey, models and capacities we stock mean you can rely on the fact that your product will be there for you when you need it - both today and long into the future.

Stop your fear of endless breakdowns

We understand all too well that life is stressful enough without buying your pressure water pump to complete your important project only for it to be constantly breaking down. In fact, pressure pumps are prone to not only poor quality materials and design, but the risk of blockages and range of other problems.

Top quality materials and designs

That's why we put so much thought into the extensive range of pressure pumps that you can browse at 4 Pumps. It's crucial that pressure pumps are made only with materials that are exceptionally resilient, complete with excellent designs, brands like Davey, and all the latest technology so that once it's installed, it will keep working and working.

Pressure pumps that will last years

A pressure pump bought from 4 Pumps has been designed and put together by manufacturers like Davey that fully intend for them to last for years and years, even in the harsh conditions of Australia - which is prone to heavy rain and flooding, drought and extreme weather.

Designed to thrive in tough Aussie conditions

Tough, resilient pressure pumps are the result of combining the toughest materials with expert product designs including brands like Davey that can survive hours, weeks, days and years of intense pumping, combined with the challenges of extreme humidity, heavy rain and intense heat. Just like the transfer pumps that we have, the Pressure pumps in the 4 Pumps range are there because they have stood the test of time - and they will perform at their best for you as well.

4 Pumps are the experts in pressure pumps

At 4 Pumps, we understand that we are the experts in pressure pumps - not you. The world of pressure pumps is complex and the more experience and knowledge you have, the better. That's why we are all too ready to help you with any questions you might have about choosing the right product for your particular need.

Ready and waiting to help you

We know that precisely what you need your pressure pump for really matters. Each individual pressure pump installation requires different features and power capacities, and at 4 Pumps we are ready and waiting to help you make the right choice.

Make your problem our problem!

So if you have any questions at all regarding pressure pumps, don't hesitate to ask us. We love passing on our knowledge and experience of the complex world of pressure pumps and helping you choose exactly what you need with a smile - because this business is not just about selling pressure pumps, it's about making your problem ours and helping you solve it!

Get in touch today

The customer service we provide here at 4 Pumps is genuinely eager, friendly and helpful, because we've made it our mission to provide the service that you really need. So if you need to get in touch, never hesitate to call anytime on 1300 101 277, or if you prefer the online option, our easy and helpful online form is the perfect way to get a query answered fast. We can't wait to hear from you!