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Pool Cleaners

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At 4 Pumps, we know all too well just how much you love your outdoor life, your backyard paradise, and - of course - your swimming pool. And to keep that love of your swimming pool strong, you need beautiful, clear, crisp and healthy water and a clean pool and spa that your family and friends will love jumping into time and time again. So it's on that note that we say welcome to 4 Pumps' passion for pool cleaners!

Choose 4 Pumps for high quality pool cleaners

Before you started browsing among the many high quality, reliable automatic pool cleaners for sale at 4 Pumps, you made the big-money investment and decided to put in that pool. And if you're still shopping for a pool and an auto pool cleaner, you're about to make a great decision. Firstly, Australians just love to cool off and splash around on a warm day. Kids learn to swim whilst being entertained, the backyard pool is a great centrepiece for a get-together with family and friends, you stay fit and healthy, and you add real aesthetic and monetary value to your beloved home.

Don't need any more convincing that a pool is an awesome choice? Then with 4 Pumps, you most certainly came to the right place to shop for a high-quality, value for money robotic pool cleaner that will not only keep your pool beautifully clean, but you can sit back and relax while it does all of that hard work for you. The only thing better than that is the range of pool cleaners and spare parts that you will find at 4 Pumps including a cartridge filter, not to mention our reputation for putting together only the highest quality products and delivering them to you with superior service.

The best pool cleaning brands

Over the years, 4 Pumps has rightly earned a reputation not only for the unparalleled service and advice offered to customers, but its impressive and trustworthy range of only the best, tried and tested pumps and swimming pool pumps that will work not only today but well into plenty of tomorrows, such as the leading and trusted pumps brand Davey. Now that same attention to detail has gone into the range of pool cleaners online in the 4 Pumps range, populated by only top robot pool cleaner brands you can trust.

But can't you just grab any old brand? What you will notice is that, as you do your pool cleaner shopping online, the market is absolutely flooded with all different kinds and brands of pool cleaners. But no: you don't want just any old brand of pool cleaner: you want something reliable, high quality, efficient, long-lasting, and - of course - true value for money. Because you want your pool to look like the pool cleaners pool. Even without much maintenance.

Seriously consider a Zodiac pool cleaner

Zodiac is a brand serving Australian and New Zealand pool lovers with only the best, state of the art robotic pool cleaners that mean you can buy at 4 Pumps, set up easily at home and sit back to enjoy that pristinely clean pool with minimal effort. Through 4 Pumps, Zodiac delivers only the best pool equipment, like Baracuda pool cleaners, in a market with other great pool robot cleaner brands like Dolphin pool cleaners, manufactured by Maytronics. The Baracuda MX8 is a pool cleaner will keep any in-ground pool perfectly clean, even if it has tiles. While you sit back, it will not only keep that pool clean from the usual swimming pool grime, but even small debris including leaves.

The right auto cleaner for the right pool

If the pool cleaner you need is for an above ground pool, you might prefer the Baracuda G2, which will take care of the walls as well as the floor, not to mention sand, silt and leaves. Depending on your filter and skimmer, the G2 is suitable for pools all the way up to 10m x 5, and is supplied with a very long and convenient 12 metre hose. And the Baracuda MX6 may be small but it's incredibly powerful, efficient and nimble, with manoeuvrability that will astonish you as you sit back and enjoy the benefits of a Zodiac pool cleaner bought from 4 Pumps.

Baracuda pool cleaners are nothing short of the very best in the backyard swimming pool industry, and that's why we stock them at 4 Pumps and proudly support this trusted, reputable name. Baracuda pool cleaners are designed especially for Australian swimming pools, and they are the pool cleaners Melbourne swimming pool lovers most often recommend - just like their counterparts all over Australia.

What we love about Baracuda pool cleaners

By now, you may be wondering why we at 4 Pumps recommend Zodiac Baracuda pool cleaners so stridently. It's all about how well they perform and last. For the same reasons we also recommend cleaners from the Sparkle Pumps and Onga range. - it's just that simple when it comes to auto pool cleaners that we will stock and recommend and same goes for chlorinators, filters and chemicals. They were among the very first automatic pool cleaners on the market, and that track record and history really shows in the amazing products you can find in the hand-picked 4 Pumps pool cleaner range.

The first Baracuda pool cleaner 'did its thing' in a pool in 1976 - and in the four decades since then, they've just got better and better. Always first with the latest, state of the art, creepy crawly pool cleaner-like technology, Baracuda wants its pool cleaners to be quiet, nimble, efficient and lasting - things that are so crucially important to the team here at 4 Pumps as well. By the 80s, after being acquired by Zodiac, the Zodiac robotic pool cleaner was the pool cleaner Australia most wanted and trusted.

Zodiac: the leading Aussie pool cleaners

Because we love their products here at 4 Pumps, we're proud to say that Zodiac are the absolute leading supplier of pool cleaners in Australia. For well over 30 years of water-soaked backyard pool fun in this great country, Zodiac has been the most trusted name on innovative, incredibly high quality and lasting pool cleaning products and accessories in Aussie pools. And here at 4 Pumps, we back up Zodiac's amazing pool cleaners with the kind of peace of mind and customer service and support you'd expect from companies who prioritise your swimming pool fun, today and tomorrow.

Here at 4 Pumps, we offer you Zodiac pool cleaners and then go above and beyond with expert advice about what's best for your pool, how to go about getting your pool cleaners installed, and how to look after them into the future.

Great service to match great pool cleaners

Here at 4 Pumps, our range of pool cleaners is matched only by the brilliant service offered by the team. That's because we don't just want you to buy a pool cleaner from us - we want you to be truly satisfied with a product that will keep working for you for years, and then to recommend us to your friends because we delivered a pool cleaner with a level of service that went above and beyond.

How do you know you're getting the superior pool cleaner you really need from 4 Pumps? Happy customers of pool cleaners review their experience - and those robotic pool cleaner reviews are worth their weight in gold! Reading through the pool cleaners reviews at 4 Pumps, you'll discover customers that are recommending us to their friends based not only on the quality of our pumps and products, but the level of service we delivered. 

The best pool cleaner buying experience

So as well as the pool cleaner price, what really matters to customers is the high quality of the product, and the overall experience of buying from 4 Pumps. Whether you need to hear about pool cleaners Brisbane pool lovers bought from 4 Pumps, or pool cleaners Adelaide backyard swimming aficionados use year in and year out, a robotic pool cleaner review is always a great port of call.

Anywhere in this great country of ours is a perfect place for a swimming pool - and that's why, here at 4 Pumps, we're consistently serving customers from every single state. Pool cleaners Perth pool lovers recommend come straight to 4 Pumps, and the same is also true for every corner of Australia. We want to make sure the pool cleaners for sale at 4 Pumps are appropriate for every potential customer in Australia, which is why we offered only the best automatic pool cleaners you can find and top it off with unparalleled service.

Why do you need a robotic pool cleaner?

But have you got this deep into this 4 Pumps piece about automatic pool cleaners and still find yourself asking 'Why should I get a robotic pool cleaner?' Just picture this: it's a stinking hot day, you've just got home from work and you're desperate to cool off in your pool. But it's filthy. Should you a) spend an hour or more manually cleaning all that sand, grit, grime and debris, or b) just sit back and let an automatic, robotic pool cleaner do all of the necessary work in less time? It's not hard to guess the answer.

Many of us lucky enough to have swimming pools as kids will remember many a summer when Dad was vacuuming that grimy pool - whether the family was about to dive in for a paddle of not. It may even be a great memory - but maybe you should ask Dad today if he enjoyed having that sweat pour down his face, the sun burning his neck, and his arms aching as he completed this arduous, repetitive task. Here at 4 Pumps, we don't have to wonder too much whether Dad would just have loved one of the auto pool cleaners from our range!

A pool cleaner today that works tomorrow

At 4 Pumps, we understand that's what Dad and also you want from your electric pool cleaners, and so that's what we deliver. Because it's not just about pool cleaners that will work straight out of the box - it's about something of superior quality that really will last. A pool cleaner is not something you want to be buying regularly, even though you'll be left with plenty of change in your pocket if you choose a Zodiac Baracuda product from the 4 Pumps range rather than a Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner. But we understand that a pool cleaner is an investment - and an investment that is exposed to Australia's harsh climate and conditions, not to mention all that chlorinated water.

If you for some reason can't keep your pool clean and need to drain your pool to waste on the street or into a sewage pit you'll need to use a submerge pump and start again.

A pool cleaner that will keep cleaning and cleaning

You might be amazed to learn that an automatic pool cleaner might clock up well in excess of 1000 kilometres of swimming pool floors and walls throughout a year in a domestic or commercial pool. But that statistic is absolutely true, highlighting even more why you need brands like Zodiac and Baracuda to get that hard work done not only today, but well into plenty of tomorrows. The pool cleaners in the 4 Pumps range will last, they won't get clogged up with grime and debris, and they'll cover every single centimetre of that dirty pool, so that the next dip you have is in cool, crisp, clear water. But you'll only get that from the best robotic pool cleaner on the market - and you can get it all at 4 Pumps!

Trust 4 Pumps for your pool cleaner today

Why should you trust that 4 Pumps knows what it's talking about when it comes to the best pool cleaners on the market? Will it be good enough to grab one of the pool cleaners Bunnings has on offer? Let us tell you: 4 Pumps is the best place for the best pool cleaners because we've been watching the advancement of the relatively young robotic pool cleaning market extremely closely over the past two decades. Luckily for you, we offer free no need to login help, choosing things like creepy crawly pool cleaner technology that has become accessibly affordable in the last few years, to the point that a pool robotic cleaner is no longer an odd sight doing its thing at the bottom of a backyard pool.