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Septic Tanks

Our selection of high-quality sewage pits provides a clean solution for onsite sewage disposal. Made of strong, resilient materials, they're designed for long-lasting, reliable performance. 

What you need to know about sewage treatment

Effluent travels from various parts of a building, including bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and laundries, into a septic tank system. Once it hits the septic tank, a separation process occurs, meaning that solids, oils, fats and liquids divide. Bacteria causes unwanted substances to break down and the left-over liquid evaporates. 

Any effluent that does not disappear is sent to a holding tank. From there, it is pumped out and disposed of at a local sewage treatment plant. Note that grey water treatment involves the re-use of any domestic wastewater not containing sewage. Sewage is referred to as black water. It has a higher organic loading and requires a more extensive cleaning process.

Quality and reliability 

Premium materials and advanced fabrication techniques are necessary to the construction of efficient, reliable septic tanks. Here at 4 pumps, we proud ourselves on being industry specialists and stock only the highest-quality equipment. 

Our range of pits is designed to meet a variety of needs and capacities. For smaller septic systems, we offer a single-pump model. For larger operations, we have the dual-pump pit. It's crucial to select the right sewage pump for your property and/or premises.


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