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Booster Pumps

No matter what your reason is for being on the market for booster pumps, you can be sure you've arrived at the right place. 4 Pumps is not only the biggest online pump supplier in Australia, it's the best for whatever pump you need - including the hard-working boosters that satisfy a range of needs in and around Australian homes, businesses and properties.

What do you need your booster pump for?

Need the best, most powerful, extremely productive and surprisingly efficient way to irrigate your garden? A pressure booster pump is the solution. Or are you just looking for an easy and affordable way to increase that all-important water pressure for your home, organisation or property? Again, it's 4 Pumps' hand-picked and tried and tested range of booster pumps that will make your day.

But when it comes to the range of booster pumps at 4 Pumps, that's not all they're handy for. Booster pumps can also be the most reliable way to pump and supply water around an entire caravan park, to or from a swimming pool, or within a multi story dwelling with plenty of taps and outlets. And that's not to mention boosting systems for supplying drinking water, filling up toilets, supplying water to appliances including washing machines and dishwashers, providing an excellent flow of water to showers and irrigation systems, transferring water around and so much more.

Booster pumps for domestic or commercial use

So if what you've been looking for is the sort of pressure booster pumps that have earned their stripes to solve a myriad of potential issues both domestically or in your commercial space, you won't be let down by the range at 4 Pumps. We've been in the business for almost three decades, and during that time the entire team - from the cleaners to top management! - has gained so much experience in the supply of all sorts of water pumps including submersible pumps, pool pumps and all the booster pumps you can buy online right here at 4 Pumps. We're so confident our industry experience will help you that you can forever forget about needing to download complex technical information and just ask the friendly 4 Pumps team for help!

It makes sense that booster pumps can be deployed for a range of applications, but what's the most common use of booster pumps in Australia? It's what it says on the tin: providing an often much-needed 'boost', whether you need that in a submersible product or not. Often, a system simply needs some more water pressure, and that's what a quality booster pump selected from the excellent range at 4 Pumps will reliably give - because the way it pumps pressure is unbeatable. In short, extra pressure needed by your system will be built up by your new booster pump, providing the power for pumping water long distances if required, or using that high pressure for something else, like speed pressure booster spraying.

The different types of booster pumps

Many booster pumps are what is called 'multistage' pumps, meaning they have more than a single impeller and cylinder head. This normally means the pump can generate higher pressure levels than with single stage pumps. Multistage booster pumps are therefore particularly versatile, completing with ease the range of applications and uses described above and put together with an extremely quality valve and outlet. They will handle with ease when you need to increase or maintain the water pressure you desire, perhaps in order to supply water to multi-floor buildings, or areas or systems in which the existing water pressure is inconsistent or low. But there are also single stage booster pumps that will draw in, pump and supply water as well.

Overall, you may be surprised just how widely used booster pumps are in Australia. Small to large businesses, shops, major industrial sites and the run-of-the-mill home or garden often rely heavily on the reliable operation of a quality booster pump, which is why at 4 Pumps, we make it our business to supply only the best. No matter your location or the scale of your operation, one thing is guaranteed: you'll need a supply of water whose flow is reliable and consistent. 

Booster pumps for reliable, consistent flow

So whether it's your child turning on the tap for a glass of water, or a paying customer or employee needing that water flow to be reliable for the maintenance of your business, a booster pump can be the difference between smooth-sailing and frustrating trouble. But of course, there is no 'one size fits all' booster pump, because not all uses and applications are created equal.

That's why it's important to choose your booster pump right, so that it does the job you want it to do. One of the most important considerations is the water pressure the booster pump is capable of delivering. A home owner, for instance, may be looking to simply increase the flow and pressure of that daily shower - so a lower pressure boosters pump will be good enough. Then there are manual or automatic booster pumps - the former requiring the flick of a switch and the latter operating automatically, monitoring water pressure all the time and boosting that pressure when it is needed. And you may also need to consider the booster pump's compression ratio, which relates to the pump's efficiency.

How does a boost pump really work?

How do booster pumps provide this much-needed 'boost' when it is required? In essence, they are technically centrifugal pumps, meaning the single or multiple impellers draw in, move and pump the water or fluid in this way. You also need to consider the series of pump from each manufacturer. One feature of the booster pump, as well as the mounted pump controller, may be adjustable or variable speed pressure, meaning the pump has the ability to operate or be controlled at more than just a single setting. This can make the booster pump very flexible in terms of how it can be used, but also extremely energy efficient - which is always a bonus when it comes to the hip pocket.

The energy efficiency of the booster pump set is just one of the factors that led to 4 Pumps deciding to put them in this superior range. Because when you're looking for quality equipment that solves your domestic, commercial or industrial problem, you want a booster pump that you know will put your mind at ease both today and tomorrow. Booster pumps - particularly the ones that deliver high pressures around the clock - have a hard life, but you can rest assured that the pumps you'll find in the 4 Pumps range are selected for their quality, and because they can complete the jobs you need them to do in all sorts of often harsh conditions.

4 Pumps stocks only the best booster pump brands

So when you look at those booster pumps in the 4 Pumps range, it's easy to see why our experienced experts have selected them. One reason is the incredible brands, like Sparkle Pumps and the powerful and reliable automatic water jet pump in the 4 Pumps range. Made not only from strong and hardy stainless steel but the ultra-modern mix of ceramic and carbon, the automatic Sparkle booster pump is the most efficient you'll find on the market when it comes to a pump that needs to keep running and running.

4 Pumps chooses the booster system you see in our popular range based on our years of experience in the industry. A family business, 4 Pumps is now into the third generation of family members who can say proudly that they're in the water pump game - so when we say we know what we're talking about, that's for sure. 4 Pumps' booster pumps are reliable, durable, safe, power efficient and true value for money with lots of features - and the best thing of all is that if you're not sure what sort of booster pump you need for your unique application, we're ready to point you in the right direction with sound, friendly advice.

The most energy efficient booster pumps

Another great booster pump brand in the 4 Pumps range is Bianco, who make some of the best in the business. Bianco's auto hot water booster pump is perfect for boosting hot water systems, but you can also pick up Bianco's pressure boosting system right here at 4 Pumps. It's perfect for everything from domestic situations to whole schools and caravan parks, thanks to the multistage design and incredibly energy-efficient variable speed drive. In fact, you'll notice that when you take a close look at the booster pumps in our range, you'll be hard pressed to find more energy efficient solutions anywhere on the market.

The Bianco booster pump is also tricked-up to the max, including a 5 way tee-check valve, pressure gauge and tank and even frost protection, which is all exactly what you need for constant water pressure in often harsh operating conditions. Of course, you want those booster pumps you buy at 4 Pumps to work straight out of the box - and they most certainly do that! But you also need your high quality pressure system to handle those harsh conditions, whilst producing all of the force you can put into it 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

A booster pump is a long-term investment

That's because your new booster pump is not like a new pair of shoes - it's not something you want to look good and work well with a limited life. No: a booster pump is nothing short of a long-term investment in your home, business or property, and something that those who use it in the present and also the future will quietly thank you for making exactly the right choice first time. A water pressure system at your place from the pentair group is not something you should hope works - you need it to work, work properly and efficiently, work in the conditions you throw at it, and keep working not only today but tomorrow.

So whether you have a complex commercial or industrial water system issue to address, or you just don't want to hear those constant complaints from the family about low pressure from those shower-heads, the booster pumps in the 4 Pumps range will deliver with a great service with everything from parts, products or even a custom designed compact control system to run the motor. It's one of the services we run free of charge. The good news is as we've explained elsewhere in this comprehensive guide to grabbing the right booster pump from 4 Pumps, we're poised and ready to help you make the right choice today so you don't need to keep worrying about whether your water pressure system is working well.

Let 4 Pumps help you pick your booster pump

At 4 Pumps, we're ready to help you pick the right booster pump. That's because you need to buy the pump with the correct capacity - because while getting an affordable solution from 4 Pumps is very much possible, cutting corners with power is definitely not the right idea. Then you'll need to think about the water or liquid flow the booster pump will need to handle, how much suction do you need, will there be air in the line on site and not just today but also the kind of flow it might be exposed to in the future.

We're also true believers in helping you out with your ongoing running costs through energy-efficiency - and it's important for our delicate environment too! So you'll find only the most energy efficient booster pumps out there in the 4 Pumps range, whilst never sacrificing performance, quality or reliability. One of the best ways to achieve this is with one of the best variable speed booster pumps on the market, whether single variable speed, dual variable speed, triplex variable speed, or even quad variable speed. But the really important thing is that your booster pump set is state of the art and has 4 Pumps' experienced endorsement - and everything in our range does!

Get in touch for all your booster pump questions

Finally, top off your new electric speed booster sets bought right here from 4 Pumps with quiet running speed, and awesome and modern materials including the always-reliable and sturdy stainless steel, and you're ready to race into the future with superb equipment and excellent support thanks to 4 Pumps. So thanks for completing your project with one of the booster pumps from our range, and don't forget to get in touch with the experienced team if there's absolutely anything you need to know about any of water equipment you could possibly need.