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  • Bianco Hot Water Booster Pump

Bianco C1509-160 Hot Water Booster 32L/Min, 9m Lift (6 Taps)

3.00 KGS


Other Details

2.5Hp, 120W
13mm, 1/2"
Max Flow:
Max Head (Pressure):
6m (59 Kpa)
Max Temp:
160mm Centre
Ideal For:
Solar Hot Water


Product Description

The little almighty Bianco Pumps BIA-C1509-160 is a hot water booster pump. And is one of very few options right here in Australia.


If you are looking at this pump you probably have a gravity fed hot water system sitting in your roof space. As the hot water gets used, the mains water supply will refill the tank but unfortunately does not push any of the pressure behind it.


If you do not have a gravity fed system, you will have either low water pressure, very small pipes for the water to travel through, very long distances for the water to travel or the water has to climb up a long way to the hot water system on top of the roof. It is possible you have a combination of these issues as well.


For these issues the best course of action is to change the outlets using hot water to water saving devices. Next you should change as much of the pipes as you can from ½ Inch pipe to ¾ inch pipe. And finally if all else fails install a booster pump on the water supply to the entire house or application.


Then you’ll be able to enjoy your nice long sessions with hot water and as much steam as you can imagine just like the good old days…


This Bianco hot water booster is a small pressure pump that you know is of the highest quality with its use of materials as it has a stainless steel body. This has quite a few benefits. It means that this small water pump is safe to be used for drinking water. This is fantastic news for anyone with a young family who doesn’t want to have to worry about little ones getting the water in their eyes, ears or throat.


The pump does not have multiple impellers, that is why it is specifically used to give that little extra boost of pressure rather than supplying all the pressure for a system.


The C1509-160 can handle a max water temperature of 60 degrees C. If you have a mixing valve installed your plumber would have regulated the temperature of the water coming out to approximately 55 degrees. That means that this pump will be able to handle it easily.


It can also be used in a max ambient temperature of 40 degrees C. Which is suitable for most roof spaces.


You can set the pump to Auto / manual flow via a control switch. This means that once the pump is installed it becomes maintenance free.


With a set and forget single speed 120W 240V motor, the hot water booster is an extremely low noise pump. It has a 1m power cable so make sure it is installed near a power point.


The pump is rate for continuous flow. What this means is the pump is capable of being run non-stop which is great for long hot showers or running a bath. It has a maximum flow of 32L/Min and gives a boost of  9m (88Kpa) of pressure which is usually the perfect little bump in pressure that you were after.


The physical dimension of the pump is only 160mm centre distance from end to end. It also comes with threaded ½ inch unions in the box ready for easy installation.


With such fantastic quality this Bianco Hot water pressure booster pump carries a two year nationwide warranty which can be accessed through any of the Bianco dealer network in Australia.


So you can put your feet up and be rest assured you’ll have great pressurised hot water for many moons to come.



Customer Reviews

"Dear 4 Pumps,

I purchased a pump off you mid Feb. Just wanted you to know best value for dollar ever. The little pump is working very hard in a factory pumping liquid with about 20% solids and hasn't missed a beat. Great pumps, thanks."

Stephen - Tasmania

"I have already recommended to you to two other locals up here with wells similar to mine about your pump and how well it was working."

Jim - Girraween

"I picked it up and its going exceptionally well, very good pump."

Evan - Ilbilbie