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Stormwater Pits

Here at 4 Pumps, we know that you take your storm water management seriously - and we do too! So when you're in the market for stormwater or drainage pits and tanks, steel grates, covers, accessories and more, you need not only the very best range of products, awesome advice and service, but also value for money. So on that note, we say 'Welcome to 4 Pumps!'

What is stormwater?

At 4 Pumps, we're experts in helping you manage your stormwater and drainage projects in all site locations around Australia. What is stormwater? Basically, it's all that water that runs off your roof, down your driveway, or runs and collects on or off other surface areas when it's spitting, raining or absolutely pouring.

What may seem like a trickle is actually a huge amount of stormwater to manage, and if your infrastructure is not doing a good job of dealing with it, a huge amount of mess and damage can be done. So if your house or business premises is not handling your flow of stormwater too well, it could be that a stormwater drainage pit is the ideal and necessary answer. That's because the types of pits, tanks, steel grates and covers and other drainage accessories you can get from 4 Pumps are designed especially to deal with your stormwater.

4 Pumps for your stormwater pits

So once you've decided that your existing stormwater management solutions need to change or be upgraded, 4 Pumps is the place to come. Why's that? Because when you need stormwater pits, you need absolutely the best options in light duty or heavy precast systems, the best advice and the best value for money that you possibly can get. 

And quite simply, the drainage pits you can get at 4 Pumps are the best designed, the strongest and the highest quality solutions out there on the market.

We know what stormwater pits work

Thanks to 4 Pumps' almost three decades of experience in the business, we know what stormwater pits work - it's just that simple. Over the years, we've seen a lot of stormwater and drainage pits, but not all of them have the reliable construction you need from a product that will work out of the box and then keep working for year upon year.

What you see in the 4 Pumps range of stormwater pits is the very best selection of products that can be applied to your particular needs, circumstances and budget, whatever they are. And you can rest assured that the stormwater pits you get at 4 Pumps can be relied upon today and long into the future.

What are stormwater pits?

We've told you what stormwater is - and how what may sometimes seem like a trickle can actually be a huge amount of water that can cause a huge amount of mess and damage. A stormwater pit is the ideal solution for temporarily collecting or storing this water in a tank or "pit" once it has run off those surface areas through the pipe or drain around your place.

Your stormwater pit doesn't need to hold all the water that runs at your place, but it needs to be the right size to temporarily allow that stormwater to collect so that it can efficiently enter the drainage pipes at a reasonable rate.

The pit can collect run off from the property or overflow from the main rainwater tank and instead of using this water to under pressure to run the house, it pushes the water usually out to the street stormwater or sewage pit

Get stormwater pit advice from 4 Pumps

If you're not sure what size or style of stormwater pit you need access to, you can turn to 4 Pumps for the best advice. We are committed to making every client and customer's experience when solving their stormwater management issue as good and as easy and possible, and apart from offering our advice based on three decades of industry experience, the best way to do that is through our excellent range.

That's why, in the 4 Pumps range of stormwater pits and tanks up to 600 litres, you'll find every solution you need depending on the context of your situation and your particular circumstances. If you are after a under sink wastewater lifting station, we have those too.

House or business? We have you covered

Firstly, you'll notice that the stormwater pits at 4 Pumps are in a variety of different capacities. If yours is a small domestic application, then a 32L product may be what you need. These smaller stormwater pits come in a range of different configurations, but if you're managing up to 140 litres per minute, it will do the job soundly. Otherwise for commercial applications we have up to 9,000L options.

Choose the right stormwater pit capacity

Why do you need a stormwater pit that's the right size and capacity? Because you need it to work efficiently, effectively and reliably. You don't need to get too technical with your project - not just today and tomorrow, but long into the future. If you're not sure what size or type of stormwater pit you need, don't hesitate to ask the friendly experts at 4 Pumps - because we don't just want to sell you a stormwater pit, we want to solve your stormwater management issue once and for all!

Stormwater management is often underestimated, so you need to make sure the dollars you spend on stormwater pits is money well spent. Get it wrong and you could be diverting stormwater to a part of your property that causes a huge amount of damage, so turn to the people at 4 Pumps to ensure you get that choice right.

Big or small, 4 Pumps has a pit for you

If you and the friendly team at 4 Pumps have determined that you need more than a 32L product, of course we can help you out with that as well! In fact, even if your stormwater management needs are significant, our range includes great quality and value for money products in capacities up to a huge 175L, expertly managing a significant flow of water up to 840 litres per minute. Now that's a top flow rate. Plenty of power if you need to get rid of water from a bathroom renovation.

Precisely because we've been in the business for almost three decades, we know what it is that you expect and need when you're in the market for a stormwater pit. Our absolute priority is supplying only the high quality, high-performing stormwater pits that will solve your stormwater management needs perfectly. If you need steel grates and covers, we have them in the highest quality materials like stainless steel that will last, including all the other accessories that will mean you can get your stormwater needs done and dusted.

A stormwater solution for today and tomorrow

Here at 4 Pumps, we understand and respect that when it comes to getting the stormwater pits you need for your particular situation, you don't want to have to revisit the problem in just a few years. That's why everything in the hand-picked 4 Pumps range of stormwater pits and accessories can be relied on to work straight away, and work day after day for an entire lifetime whether your pumping to the garden or out tot the kerb.

A stormwater pit isn't like a pair of running shoes - you don't want something that you'll need to replace after a certain amount of time. In fact, stormwater is not something that should be taken lightly: get your stormwater management wrong, or don't take it seriously enough, and the consequences can be nothing short of disastrous.

4 Pumps expertise for peace of mind

That's why you can rely on the experts at 4 Pumps not only to be offering only the best stormwater pits that are out there, but who will willingly take the time to dip into their years of industry experience and make sure your solution will work for a lifetime. Get your stormwater drainage pit size or configuration wrong, or install a system that doesn't work well, reliably or effectively, and your uncontrolled stormwater could cause thousands of dollars of damage through flooding or blockages.

So at 4 Pumps, we know that when you're in the market for a stormwater pit, you're making a long-term investment as well as a sort of insurance policy for your valuable home, business or land. Damage caused by stormwater can be nothing short of a nightmare, so when you do need a stormwater pit, you quite simply want high-quality, well-engineered pits, tanks, steel grates, covers and accessories.

4 Pumps can help you choose your pit

The next question you may be asking is 'What exactly you should I be looking for to ensure I'm making the right choice of stormwater pit?' At 4 Pumps, we're glad you asked! That's because a stormwater pit is not 'one size fits all'. Luckily, there's not too much you need to know in order to get that choice right for your particular situation - and the 4 Pumps team is always more than willing to point you in the right direction.

When you're making your pick of stormwater pit, there are a few things you'll need to consider. The most important is what size pit you need. This depends on a few things, including what size area your stormwater pit will serve. This affects the required depth of the pit, but you'll also need to consider where the stormwater pit will be located. Then, you'll need to consider the grate or cover, and whether you'll need a high quality material such as stainless steel.

Only the best stormwater pits at 4 Pumps

And if you really aren't sure, don't be shy to ask the experts at 4 Pumps for help. But once you've honed in on what exactly you need from our great range, rest assured that you are selecting one of the very best products that are available. Value for money and great service are important to us, but no more than high quality design and materials like stainless steel, the great reputation of the brands, and their record for rock-solid reliability and longevity.

We stock the world's best brands

You'll find some of Australia and the world's absolutely leading brands in the 4 Pumps range - and they're only there because they've proven they belong. Ask our experts to help guide you to the perfect choice, because our bestsellers are not only value for money, you can sit back and be sure you made a choice you won't regret.

And don't forget, great engineering, design and materials of only the most exceptional standard including stainless steel means little if your new stormwater pit is not constructed meticulously, according to only the best manufacturing standards. These and more are all factors that are more than important to 4 Pumps, as we put together a perfect range of stormwater pits, grates and accessories for you.

Exceptional standards in stormwater pits

What exactly are the range of stormwater pits at 4 Pumps made of that gives us such confidence? We're talking about incredibly durable, high quality and resilient materials, including heavy-duty polypropylene. Materials of exceptionally high standards, which have proved over a long period of time that they can cope with the arduous and important task of managing stormwater, are of utmost importance when it comes to stormwater pits. 

That's because you need your installation to work year after year, to be reliable and not break down, and to keep working in tough conditions including the often unrelenting flow of water and debris.

Choose 4 Pumps to solve your stormwater

And it's not just the pit itself that you need to be made of materials that are nothing short of excellent and totally reliable. The grates and covers in our range are made of superb materials like aluminium, galvanised or stainless steel, and concrete. Not every stormwater management situation is the same, and that's why you need flexibility to be a major consideration in a great range of stormwater pits - and that's 4 Pumps' promise to you.

So when you're in the market for stormwater pits, you've come to the right place with 4 Pumps. No matter what you need your stormwater pit to do, rest assured we have the best range of pits, tanks, stainless steel grates, drainage covers and all the accessories you can imagine to manage the run-off water around your home and business. We're confident our range of stormwater pits is all you'll need, but if you need some advice to be really sure you're getting the solution you need with the very best value for money, here at 4 Pumps we can help you with that as well. Get in touch today!