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Water Pumps

Water pumps that work

If what you need to complete your important project is water pumps for your garden, kitchen and in fact any other part of your home, organisation or business or equipment system, 4 Pumps have got your back - because systems design and products that pump water are our speciality and we love to help!

Our water pumps are the best

Our extensive and impressive range of water pumps for sale are literally the best on the market, solving your domestic or business needs - whatever they are. So whether you need an electric powered pump for inside your home, or garden pumps to do that equally important work outside and beyond, you can be sure we have something in our range or in our pumps warehouse that is just perfect for you.

Water pumps for home, business or industry

The pumps in our range cater to a huge range of applications - whether you're looking for something that pumps water for your everyday domestic tasks, or something just a little more complex for business, commercial and even extensive, engine driven industrial projects and water storage.

And if it's peace of mind you're seeking before committing to a product in the 4 Pumps range, we have that for you too. We offer a seven-day replacement guarantee on every product you can find in our expansive range. Which is a sign of excellence.

Water pumps throughout Australia

Whatever your precise needs are, and whether you're looking for water pumps in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney or beyond, the best water pumps Australia has to offer can be found right here at 4 Pumps. We also have on our site a range for air control for if you need to view products that move away from electrical power.

Only the highest quality water pumps

Rest assured that the water pumps in our huge range are built from only the best and most high-quality materials available, including really rugged cast iron and stainless steel submerge pumps. Not only that, the pumps in the 4 Pumps range are designed to perform for all of your residential, commercial and industrial needs, wherever you are located. Even if you just need a pump for your hose.

Water pumps - everywhere!

That means the availability of quality and affordable water pumps in Melbourne or Sydney are just as important to us as the Gold Coast, Perth or wherever you are - 4 Pumps has simply the best and most extensive water pumps range in Australia.

And no matter what you want your water pumps to do for you, they are built to perform each and every time, day in and day out - no matter how tough the conditions.

Product diversity across the range

At 4 Pumps, we understand that there are all sorts of clients, from all walks of life and with all different kinds of diverse and complex needs and projects. That's why we recognise the need to meet these needs and expectations not just once, but every single time you need us for all types of services - whether you need those water pumps in Sydney or elsewhere. We are literally the water pump masters.

You'll keep coming back to 4 Pumps

You'll keep coming back to 4 Pumps because we cater for every client, every need, and every project with reliable, value-for-money solutions that can be relied upon to work. Water pumps in Adelaide are just as important to our clients as water pumps on the Gold Coast and everywhere else in between, so head to the 4 Pumps range and find a product that works for you.

A super range that just works

So, we've made it our mission to deliver exactly what you need and not only meet but surpass those expectations with a superior range that will work for your project. It means that whether you're looking for a simple electric pump for a small domestic job, or a 5-star product to complete your large-scale project, we can be relied upon to have in stock just what you are looking for at a fully competitive price.

Quality, affordable solutions at 4 Pumps

Pumping water sounds simple but it requires specific, high-quality and affordable solutions that will transfer water effectively and reliably. Rest assured, we have what you need.

Every sized project is catered for

The superior products in our range will handle your small, medium or large-scale projects, and whether you need water pumps for manual or automatic drainage, we only stock what is guaranteed to work. Every size and capacity and a range of renowned and respected brands and models are catered for, because we understand that your water pumping needs are never 'one size fits all' - what really matters is allowing you to complete your project as and when you need to.

Every solution, when you need it

No matter what sized job, scenario or project you might be facing, 4 Pumps has exactly the solution you're looking for. Need a lightweight and easy-to-operate electric water pump for those smaller projects? 4 Pumps has you covered with handy, affordable water pumps in all the best brands with a price that won't break the bank. Maybe you need something that is easily portable and can be quickly relocated? Our diverse and quality product range will be there for you.

Big or small, our range will have it

On the other hand, what you might be looking for is something to solve those bigger and more difficult jobs - because we understand that not everything is manageable and simple. So for all those complex projects or if you're running a business, organisation or even a factory, browse the 4 Pumps range and find what you're looking for. For the bigger projects that are making you sweat, it might be one of our more heavy-duty products that come to the rescue, allowing you to quickly and easily get your mind back on the next stage of your project. 

Water pumping is serious business

4 Pumps has everything you can possibly imagine in the water pump range for all of those small, straightforward jobs, and also the serious business such as water transfer pumps or tank pumps. But whatever it is you need, sit back and relax because our range is not only vast, it is filled only with the highest quality and affordable projects that can be relied upon to do your water pumping each and every day without fail.

We know water pumps must be tough

Those who understand the water pump industry know that water pumps in all shapes and sizes need to be tough. And that's particularly true for Australia, where the rugged climate and harsh conditions, combined with all of those demands of the home, commercial and industrial environments, are well known to us all.

Clients and pumps come in all shapes and sizes

That's why our range is designed specifically to cope - no matter what the water pump is being asked to do. Just like water pumps, clients and their needs and projects come in all shapes and sizes - there's more to it than just needing to pump or transfer water.

Pumps must cope with a harsh environment

Those pumps also need to be able to keep doing their important and efficient pumping, day in and day out, throughout some of the longest and hottest summers seen anywhere in the world. Australia is also renowned for those long and arduous droughts, where it can fall on a water pump to do their important work for hours, days, weeks and even months without a break.

Tough and trustworthy water pumps

But even in an environment as harsh as Australia's, the range put together by 4 Pumps can cope. Everything you see - from the lightweight, portable solutions to the toughest and most powerful pumps on the market - are the brands with the best reputation, and the products that are not only durable and affordable but can be truly relied upon and trusted to keep pumping ahead.

4 Pumps has done the work for you

So when it comes to finding the very best on the market for all your quality and reliable stormwater pumps, pits and more, we've done the hard work for you. Our range is packed full of all of the best, most reputable and market-leading brands, with every stock item having been tried and tested over the course of several years. No matter where you are - whether you need water pumps in Brisbane, Melbourne or beyond, the 4 Pumps range is designed for you.

Our pumps will work today and tomorrow

That's because we know that when you need to complete a project, you don't just need a product that is fit for the task and works - but that it keeps working just as well as it does out of the box long into the future.

Only the best and strongest materials

All of the stock items in our impressive range are made only from the best materials that money can buy. What our pumps are made of is not an afterthought - it's central to having a great product that works today and will keep working long after tomorrow.

Water pumps designed and tested to last

The materials are strong, powerful and truly reliable, like cast iron and stainless steel that are corrosive and sturdy. Be assured, when you buy a water pump from 4 Pumps, you're buying a pump that is designed and tested to last. We understand that, no matter the brand or the 'frills', what really matters is that the water pumps you buy from us can be relied upon long into the future.

Products that care about the environment

But price, quality and materials are not everything, particularly in these fast-moving times. At 4 Pumps, we understand the growing need for products and industry in general to have a keen eye on the environment. This is a priority not just to save you money in efficient operating and running costs, because you are about the environment - because we do too!

Energy efficiency is a priority

In fact, energy efficiency is a real priority for us and many of our clients, which is why the 4 Pumps range really does care about the planet and your hip pocket. Most of the water pumping products you can see in the extensive range are not just good when it comes to energy efficiency, but nothing short of exceptional.

Innovative technology saves the planet and money

Superior energy efficiency in the water pump market is possible because of the latest advances in cutting-edge technology, including with water switching controllers. We have sourced products devised and manufactured by the most modern and forward-thinking organisations who lead the way in product innovation.

All the latest whisper-quiet solutions

A great bonus to leading the way in technology innovation is that the latest and greatest in the world of water pumps in Australia are also nothing less than super-quiet. That's right: gone are the days when you'd wish your water pump would just pipe down because the products on the market today create next to no unwanted noise pollution.

Questions? Don't be shy

At 4 Pumps, we understand that knowing which water, submersible or pressure pump that is best suited for your needs can be difficult. Especially with a range as vast as ours that can solve just about every residential, commercial or industrial water pumping need imaginable, you may have some questions you need answering.

Great products, service and advice

If you do, we have a hardworking team of technicians who would be more than happy to chat with you. That's because we're as passionate about water pumps as we are knowledgeable about the range of products that are out there - and great advice can be almost as important as great products and service.

Get in touch today

So if you have a question, feel free to give us a call on 1300 101 277 at a time that is convenient for you. Or if you'd prefer to get in touch with our friendly staff online, you can do that too via our handy Enquiry Form on the Contact page.

Because we know you need your quality product working for you as soon as possible, we'll do our best to respond immediately with the answer you are seeking.