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DAB Pumps

4 Pumps believes in supplying only the very best in pumping products - which is why we truly believe in DAB Pumps.

It's a decades-old Italian brand that has always been a global player in moving and managing water. 4 Pumps trusts DAB pumps for submersible, drainage and high pressure pumps that combine state of the art technology with superb reliability and efficiency.

DAB Pumps for home, business & beyond

DAB Pumps will do all of your residential, commercial, agricultural and irrigation tasks - and more - while caring about your consumption of energy and the planet. That's because they - like 4 Pumps - really understand that superb pump technology needs to work in perfect harmony with people and the important tasks at the heart of your home, business and beyond.

For submersibles, DAB is quite simply the best and most efficient in the business. The Nova 300 is made of everlasting fibreglass thermos plastic, and its automatic function means that once that pumping or drainage task is complete, it shuts off - saving your hip pocket and the planet.

Italian-made but perfect for Australia

And while the DAB Pumps brand might be Italian, they're perfectly designed for the harsh conditions they'll face throughout Australia. The range of DAB Pumps that 4 Pumps really believe in are perfect for handling the pressure of every domestic, commercial, rural or any other pumping task. Each pressure system comes with a long warranty, superb design and manufacturing, a history of reliability and easy servicing and a reasonable price.

So for the best in Italian meets Australian brilliance, DAB Pumps has it all. Just like 4 Pumps, it's a company that believes strongly in innovation through simplicity and efficiency. Every type of product - whether a technologically advanced submersible pump or a full wastewater lifting station - will do those pumping and drainage tasks reliably, day in and day out.

4 Pumps trusts DAB for pumping products

DAB Pumps are designed to be easy to install, kind on your power consumption and the environment, and perfect for drainage, high pressure scenarios, gardening, submersible applications, agriculture, irrigation, rainwater use, waste water disposal, filtration - and anything and everything in between and beyond.

So for the benefit of more than 4 decades of superb service at the pinnacle of the water pumps sector, the wide and impressive range of DAB Pumps offered, trusted and supplied by 4 Pumps is the perfect solution for your specific pumping application.