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18 (Of The Best) Ideas To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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If you live in a unit or a small house, it is very common to have a small bathroom. If your bathroom is less than 3 or 4 square meters, it might be quite challenging to design it.

We have compiled a list of tips, which if you follow, can be very practical, stylish, save you a lot of space and make your bathroom look bigger.

Most of these tips will not cost any money while some may cost a small amount to re-adjust items, so it’s better to look at these tips before you even start designing the bathroom.

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Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

By forpumps.com.au

Choosing to live with a little bathroom can be a smart move for both the planet and your bank account. Smaller living areas cost less to build and less to maintain. Plus, they use less energy. So, that's good news all-round.

But making a small bathroom work for you can be tricky. You need to get smart when it comes to making the most of every available space. Otherwise, you might well find yourself going crazy with frustration, especially when you're rushing to get ready for work or preparing the kids for school. Efficient organisation is crucial.

That's where this brilliant infographic comes in. Its 18 tips can help any Hobbit-sized bathroom look - and feel - much, much bigger. It's packed with ideas that you might not have thought of yourself.

For example, did you know that a coat of paint can make a big difference? Simply apply the same colour to walls, floor and ceiling, rather than using contrasting colours, which usually make a space seem more cramped. The same principle should be applied to tiles. And the addition of a big mirror can go a long way, too.

Then, of course, there's making the right decisions when it comes to furnishings. Steer clear of behemoth-sized vanities or stools or wash tubs with small puddle pumps, and try visiting your nearest tiny furniture shop, instead. Luckily, more and more people are choosing to downsize, so interior designers are getting on the bandwagon. When it comes to pint-sized furniture, there are many, many more choices than there used to be. And some of them are pure genius.

These ideas are just the beginning. Check out the infographic below and have fun doing some planning! Your small bathroom - and your family members - will love you for it.

So, you've decided to invest or build or rent a property with a small bathroom. Or maybe, you've been living with one for a while, but don't feel like it's functioning as well as it could. Don't despair! The good news is, there's help afoot - in the form of a creative, 18-point infographic dedicated to small bathroom owners.

Created by a bunch of creatives who are passionate about tiny living spaces, it's bursting with clever, clever tips. Start applying them and the chances are your small bathroom will seem loads bigger in a short time.

There are ideas for every budget, timeframe and household. So, if, for example, you want to start out with some easy, affordable changes, you might consider buying some intelligent, space-saving storage boxes. These not only make the most of available space, they also get things better organised, by putting all items at your fingertips. Suddenly, you're no longer wasting time - and getting grumpy - rummaging through chaotic drawers and cupboards looking for your toothbrushes, razors or shampoo bottles!

But, if you're ready to spend a bit of money, get into some DIY or hire a handy person, you might be interested in some of the more time-consuming ideas. For example, re-tiling, so that all surfaces are covered in a uniform pattern, light, style and colour, is highly likely to make your bathroom seem larger. Or, if your bathroom is fitted with a swinging door, you might think about ripping it out and replacing it with a sliding one, which doesn't take up as much space.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Get scrolling below to explore the rest. It won't be long before your tiny bathroom is looking positively palatial!

There's no doubt that downsizing is on-trend right now. With every week, it seems, a designer comes up with an incredible new version of a tiny house or a series of mind-blowing concepts for fitting out little spaces. If you've joined - or are thinking about joining - the downsizing revolution, you've landed on the right page.

Here, we take a look at small bathrooms. Living with a tiny bathroom is great! You don't spend as much money on electricity and you definitely don't need as much time for cleaning clutter. After all, who wants to be taking care of domestics, when there are so many other, more fun things to be doing?

However, if you don't want your small bathroom to become a big inconvenience, then you need to put some time into designing and planning. Not an architect or an interior designer? You don't need to be! The infographic below has come to your rescue!

Its 18 killer ideas including glass and using open light styling to make the room appear large will send your bathroom from go to whoa! within a few smart moves. Ready for a total overhaul? Jump in straight away, with tips for re-painting, re-tiling and structural changes, like new doors, a white wall and the creation of space-saving recesses.

Prefer to take things more slowly? That's no problem. Start with teeny-tiny changes, like finding better ways to store your dripping bath mats, hanging mirrors strategically (which people have been doing since Cleopatra walked the Earth) and adding wall-hangings. They don't cost much, but add loads of storage space.

At the same time, the infographic lets you in on what not to do, like using contrasting shades of paint and tiny tiles. You might not know it, but these can make your already small bathroom seem even smaller!

Start browsing above - you're sure to find some useful ideas.

So, you've found the perfect new home - be it a purchase or a rental - but there's one problem. The bathroom is microscopic. Well, maybe not THAT small, but still, you're not quite sure how you're going to manage living with it.

Stop worrying! You've arrived in just the right place. Living with a small bathroom can look difficult, but with a few clever tips and tricks, you can make it much, much easier. That's why a group of smart, innovative interior experts whipped up the infographic below. In it, you'll find 10 cracking ideas for making your small bathroom awesome. You might well be surprised by how much bigger it both looks and feels.

And besides, by choosing to live with a small bathroom, you're doing yourself a favour! Instead of having to spend hours and hours scrubbing endless walls, floors and ceilings, you can get the job done in a nanosecond and get back to doing the things you love! What's more, your wallet will love you for it - little bathrooms are so much cheaper when it comes to energy costs and upkeep. You can use a small  booster pump that uses very little electricity and gives you great pressure on your hot water. You're also doing your bit for the planet. The enormous living spaces that people have become used to in wealthy nations use up lots of resources and materials. Every time someone decides to downsize or put up with smaller rooms, the planet takes a big sigh of relief.

Now's the fun bit. Take a look through the infographic and select some ideas that'll work for you. Not in a position to make structural changes? You can make big changes with furniture and paint! Ready to call a tradie? Get them on to some hammering and re-tiling. You could even use a  undersink wastewater lifting station to add in a new sink. Good luck!

Is your small bathroom driving you a bit bonkers? Are you tired of feeling hemmed in, every time you stand in there, trying to take a shower or wash your face or apply your make-up? Do you feel like, every time you reach for an item, it's in an incredibly awkward spot?

There's no doubt that small bathrooms can be challenging. But, there are loads of changes you can choose to make, to get to the most of the space - both visually and practically. You could put the toilet in the corner a have a macerator outside to save on room or use smaller pressure pipes and boost the pressure to the shower, vanity or bath.

And this fantastic, 18-tip infographic is definitely the place to start. It's absolutely crowded with ideas that you probably haven't thought of yourself and might not have seen anywhere else. They're designed to, not only make extra space, but also to create a sense of spaciousness. If you've been despairing over your small bathroom, prepare to be amazed.

The tips fall into two categories - roughly. Firstly, there are ideas for fairly significant and potentially costly alterations, for which you might need to call in a tradesperson. Unless, of course, you fancy taking a bit of tiling or hammering into your own hands. Secondly, there are tips and tricks for more superficial changes, such as re-painting the walls, adding mirrors and making thoughtful choices about furniture.

So, if you're nervous about making changes or don't have much time or are strapped for cash, you can take things slowly - just one step at a time. Begin with what seems easy and gradually progress to harder, more time-consuming, more expensive tasks. Along the way, you might want to consult an interior designer, to be sure you're keeping on the right track.

In the meantime, have a browse of the infographic and start dreaming!