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Easy Rainwater Harvesting Tips For Your Garden!

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Rainwater Harvesting with the Davey Rainbank Kit

rainwater-harvesting-with-the-davey-rainsaver-kit.jpgWith environmental and economic concerns becoming increasingly pressing, more and more individuals are investing in rainwater harvesting systems. You might have also heard it described as rainwater collection or rainwater catchment. There's now a diverse range of strategies available for harvesting rainwater, the simplest being buckets and barrels and the more complex involving various tanks, pumps and purification equipment. One of the most efficient, reliable and popular on the market is undoubtedly the Davey Rainbank Kit.

How the Davey Rainbank Kit works

The Davey Rainbank Kit is the ideal solution for households in metropolitan areas wanting to either start rainwater harvesting or improve their current system. It is comprised of a dual source water controller, which switches automatically between your tank (where rainwater is collected) and your town water supply. As soon as the rainwater has reached critical levels, the Davey Rainbank Kit switches over until the tanks have been replenished, causing it to switch back. What's more, the Kit also responds to tap use. It switches on as soon as a tap is turned on and then switches off the minute it is turned off.

Benefits of the Davey Rainbank Kit

Basically, the dual controller mechanism ensures that no water is wasted. Plus, two different versions of the Davey Rainbank Kit are available. The HS 50-06 pump is perfect for a two or three storey dwelling (or one of similar size and scope) with up to five taps or water outlets. It is suitable for use with drinking water, dish washing, and washing machines, filling up toilets, showers, and irrigation systems and watering the garden.

The Float less Rainbank, on the other hand, is designed to work with installations that are surface-mounted. It is fitted with the incredibly dependable Davey HS pressure pump and works to provide water for toilets, washing machines and gardening.

Reliability and durability

It's common knowledge that Davey pumps are among the best in the world. The company employs cutting-edge technology and utilises premium materials. Davey Rainbank Kits are designed and constructed to extremely high specifications and are made from stainless steel and ceramic or carbon. They're also the most energy-efficient pumps of their kind on the market.

Where is the best place to buy Davey pumps?

Are you wondering where is the best place to buy the Davey Rainsaver Kit? 4 Pumps is the biggest online pumps store in all of Australia. The company stocks an incredibly diverse range of Davey pumps, including Davey Rainbank Kits, as well as pool pumps, sump pumps and automatic water pressure systems. 4 Pumps offers great customer service and incredibly competitive prices.