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  • Davey Silensor SLS 100 Pool Pump (under 26,000 L)

Davey Silensor SLS100 Pool Pump 220L/Min, 18m Lift (26,000L)

11.00 KGS


Other Details

1Hp, 750W
50mm, 2"
Max Flow:
220 L/Min
Max Head (Pressure):
18m (177 Kpa)
584 x 334 x 236 mm
Ideal For:
Clean / rainwater


Product Description

Having a pool as part of your home is usually a family affair. There are some very important components that it must be comprised of in order for the pool to be totally useful. One of these is the pool pump and for a pool that has a water capacity of less than 26,000 L, the Davey Silensor SLS 100 Pool Pump is an excellent choice simply because it can maintain the standard requirements of the pool as it pertains to everyone in the family.


The Kids Pool Expectations

The kids in the family have a full expectation that the pool will always be available for them to enjoy. The pool pump plays an important role in achieving this. In order for the pool to be safe for the kids to use it means the water must be in a healthy state. The water has to be clear to look at and it must be free from debris and bacteria.


The Davey Silensor SLS 100 Pool Pump ensures that the water is kept moving at 220 L/min. This means there is no opportunity for the water to remain motionless which in turn means it would turn stagnant. When this first happens the water begins to appear cloudy and then if not corrected it will turn green. Making it unfit for the kids to swim in.


Another important function of the moving water is that it helps to make sure that the water is flowing through the filtration system and cleaner of the pool. This means small debris which could be bacteria forming are being trapped and removed. Another safety feature ensuring the kids are not going to be disappointed from not being able to use the pool.


The Adults Expectations

Aside from expecting the Davey Silensor SLS 100 Pool Pump keeping the pool water healthy so the kids won’t be upset, there are other expectations placed on the pump by the adults responsible for the pump.


Less Maintenance

The Davey Silensor SLS 100 Pool Pump has all of the quality components built into it such as the UV resistant polypropylene materials that ensure that the pump is working at peak efficiency. This means that less maintenance is needed for keeping the pool in pristine condition.


Cost Saver

With a pump as efficient as what this one is it may mean a lot less chemicals are needed for cleaning water that has become compromised. Then on top of this with its energy efficient attributes it adds to some extra savings on energy costs.


Less Hassles

Aside from helping to reduce water maintenance the Davey Silensor SLS 100 Pool Pump is built to last. Its corrosion resistant materials means it can withstand any environment that it is used in. When it comes to installation this pump is hassle free as it doesn’t require a professional to do it. Maintaining the pump and cleaning out the debris is a breeze in the SLS series because of its large and easy to access large leaf basket.


This pump has a lot of preventative measures built into too. It has dry run protection and a water cooled motor that helps to prevent overheating.


It’s Super Quiet!

Among all these great features and benefits the entire family can enjoy the quiet operation of this silensor pump.  In fact, it is so quiet you will at first wonder if it’s operating. Of course you will easily recognise that it is because your pool water will be in pristine condition.



Customer Reviews

"Dear 4 Pumps,

I purchased a pump off you mid Feb. Just wanted you to know best value for dollar ever. The little pump is working very hard in a factory pumping liquid with about 20% solids and hasn't missed a beat. Great pumps, thanks."

Stephen - Tasmania

"I have already recommended to you to two other locals up here with wells similar to mine about your pump and how well it was working."

Jim - Girraween

"I picked it up and its going exceptionally well, very good pump."

Evan - Ilbilbie