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  • Bianco Pumpz Positive Displacement Sewer Grinder PDG-150-M

Bianco PDG150M Pos. Displacement Grinder 50L/Min, 50m Lift

45.00 KGS


Other Details

1.5Hp, 1,100W
32mm, 1-1/4"
Max Flow:
50 L/Min
Max Head (Pressure):
50m (491 Kpa)
240 x 190 x 600 mm
Ideal For:
Sewage/Dirty Water


Product Description

Sometimes in Australia there are applications where there is an outlying area that require sewage to be pumped out of a pit over an extremely long distance. There are also applications where the waste pit needs to be pumped up an extremely high bit of terrain. Or a combination of both.


In these instances we need to create a scenario where the sewer pump produces enough pressure to be able to move the fluid to the desired destination. We need to make it so not only does the fluid reach it’s destination but also so the pump doesn’t have too much back pressure put on it so it will last for many years. Otherwise the pump will burn out. Making the windings have more and more resistance as it operates until it fails.


To overcome these harsh conditions for a pump we need to step outside the types of pumps we would normally use. Normally we could use something like a cutter pump or a grinder pump. Cutter pumps are normally higher in their flow rate and lower in pressure and used in easier application. Grinders traditionally have a higher pressure and a lower flow rate.


There is one other type of grinder called a positive displacement grinder. This Bianco PDG-150M is one such pump. These particular pumps are able to produce extremely high pressures whilst having very low flow rates.


This is great for these difficult scenarios as this means that there will be little to no resistance in the pipes that the fluid is moving through over these long runs.


The manual version of this pump will turn on as power is supplied to it. What this means is you can either plug it into a traditional power point and turn it on as required to pump out your pit. The other option is to run it though a controller.


The advantage of running it through a pump controller is that you can put additional protection on the pump to protect it from things like being wired incorrectly, a stalled pump because something has jammed the impeller and electrical issues that may arise.


As this pump pumps the fluid out at such a slow rate and is quite tall, it generally runs in a decent size pit. That means that it will run for a longer period than most submersibles and sewer pumps. So putting it in a small pit would mean that the pump would cycle on and off quite frequently. Pump starts are what wears out pumps so we want to avoid this for longevity.


This positive displacement grinder pump is constructed from high quality cast iron which makes it extremely durable and lost lasting especially in the tough environments these pumps usually sit in.


It comes with a stand to ring stand allowing it to sit up off the bottom of the pit giving it good access to the fluid and creating a better flow rate and preventing the pump from being starved.


The pump uses the fluid passing through it to help cool the pump. As it does have a 1.5hp motor it does generate some heat from the motor. The motor also has a thermal cut out protection to help the pump in instances if the pump is left on and there is not fluid to pump.


There isn’t much this pump can’t handle. And as such Bianco backs it up with a two year warranty. The warranty is nationwide and in the event that you do have an issue it can be looked at by multiple companies throughout Australia for your peace of mind.



Customer Reviews

"Dear 4 Pumps,

I purchased a pump off you mid Feb. Just wanted you to know best value for dollar ever. The little pump is working very hard in a factory pumping liquid with about 20% solids and hasn't missed a beat. Great pumps, thanks."

Stephen - Tasmania

"I have already recommended to you to two other locals up here with wells similar to mine about your pump and how well it was working."

Jim - Girraween

"I picked it up and its going exceptionally well, very good pump."

Evan - Ilbilbie