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Bore Pumps

Whether you need a low flow bore pump to provide underground water for your house or something more powerful for a river, dam or creek, we can definitely take care of our needs. We're proud to say that our range of efficient, dependable bore pumps features some of the planet's finest pieces of equipment.

What kind of bore pump do you need?

The most important thing is to invest in bore water pumps that suit your specific needs. It shouldn't be a matter of finding the 'cheapest deal', but of sourcing the gear that can handle the job that needs doing.

That's why we stock a wide variety of bore pumps, from the BIA-3T-10-1 3 inch model, which can pump to 30 metres at a rate of 55 litres per minute, to the BIA-3T-32-1 3 inch. It's an absolute workhorse, which can take on 100 metres of depth and maintain a rate of 55 litres per minute.

Quality and reliability

We believe that our customers should see their purchase of bore pumps as an investment. Purchase a reliable, high-quality piece of equipment now and you'll save time, money and hassle in the long run. That's why we've looked all over the world for the best bore water pumps and brought them altogether here.

Some of our favourite brands include Davey, Onga and Bianco. They're all companies whose premium equipment has stood the test of time and is used in some of the planet's hottest, toughest, harshest environments. They also put plenty of resources and time into product development, drawing on the very latest advancements in technology. Remember that bore pumps should be able to survive underground for a couple of decades, at least, involving only minimal maintenance above ground. Davey, Onga and Bianco submersible bore pumps are built to last.


Would you like to know more about bore pumps, or about any of our other products? Are you looking for something in particular, but can't seem to find it on our site? Do you have questions about a particular problem or application? Are you making a town to tank water switch and seeking advice?

Please don't hesitate to get in touch. As the biggest online seller of pumps in Australia, with decades of experience, we're well-equipped to handle any scenario that you throw at us. Customer service is our priority and our friendly, knowledgeable team members are ready to help you out.