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Davey Pumps

Australian owned and operated, Davey is one of the most highly respected brands in the world. Davey pumps boast a longstanding reputation for outstanding quality, durability and reliable performance. They’re designed for long-term performance in extreme climates, which means they can handle even the most unexpected of conditions.

Quality control

Every single pump is subjected to extensive testing – under pressure and in all kinds of weather. The company has even built a cabinet specifically for this purpose, featuring 100% humidity and 50°C+ temperatures. Moreover, Davey pressure pumps are randomly selected from the assembly line and run through 50,000 consecutive cycles, proving their ability to serve the average family for at least ten years.

High-quality construction

The incredible stamina of Davey water pumps is, largely, thanks to intelligent, cutting-edge construction techniques. This means that Davey Pumps prices offer fantastic value. To minimise vibration, and therefore maximise staying power, all motors are stabilised through a heat-driven shrinking process and positioned centrally. The inclusion of copper wire has a cooling effect, enabling their pumps to perform to optimum levels in even the hottest conditions. Plus, the separate drying of individual components achieves a high-quality, corrosive-resistant finish.

Made locally, exported internationally

Davey pumps dealers and Davey Australia and are run locally, with many products manufactured in Scoresby, South East of Melbourne. However, both domestic-level and industrial-level goods are exported to more than fifty nations around the world, from Norway, where the temperatures are often sub-zero, to Qatar in the Middle East, where 50°C days are nothing unusual.

One of the company’s most prestigious clients is the MGM Grand, the third biggest hotel on the planet, where Prince Harry doesn’t mind taking a dip. In other words, he’s swum in a pool kept clean by Davey pool pumps.

Technical support and spare parts

There’s a Davey warehouse in every state in Australia. That means that Davey Pumps spare parts are never too far away. Plus, the company offers comprehensive technical support as part of every purchase. If, in the unlikely event that a pump experiences a problem or displays evidence of wear and tear, expert assistance can be accessed quickly and easily.

Any questions?

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